Our Business is Building Your Business

Our Business is Building Your Business

Daring Bit Assembly is a product and software development consultancy, specializing in FinTech and Startup projects. dba has launched and scaled hundreds of applications.

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Your Partners in Technology

Our customers come to us when they need a partner, not a commodity. We augment a company's internal teams and help them meet goals on-time and on-budget.

Executive Collaboration

We go beyond technology to focus on addressing business opportunities. Daring Bit Assembly collaborates with our partners, empowering them to make informed decisions about their business and technology.

Remarkable Experiences

We identify, build, and deploy the right technologies to produce remarkable experiences.

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  • Empowering

    Product Owners

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    dba works with a product owner in sprints, prioritizing work and ensuring a queue of well-defined tasks to optimize the return on investment of our partners’ technology budget.

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    We use Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to ensure a fast feedback cycle. This improves turnaround time within the entire Product Development pipeline and helps a product find a reliable cadence.

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    We write tests for our software, because we are not savages.

Our Services

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Turn ideas into a project

Have an idea, but not sure where to go with it? With Analyze, dba partners can turn ideas into a project specification, wireframes, timeline, and budget estimate. We provide this as a fixed-price service.

Use it to inform your fund-raising efforts, to assist in a competitive bidding process, or as a blueprint for your internal team. This is often the first step in an ongoing relationship with dba.

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Fractional CTO

Technical management and direction

dba provides technical management and direction for growing companies. This help can come in many forms, but is often optimal for executives seeking outside counsel on challenges with their internal technology groups.

We also augment our partners’ tech teams to provide additional short-term bandwidth at a management level, especially for companies that do not have a full-time CTO. Typically these are fixed-length partnerships during which dba helps hire and train an internal management team, including helping our partners hire the right CTO.

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Mobile Development

Multi-platform mobile app development

We provide rapid multi-platform mobile application development with a variety of technologies. Historically we have built iOS and Android apps using React Native, Flutter, or their respective native toolkits.

We prefer Flutter and Dart, a toolkit for cross-platform mobile application development from Google, due to its highly integrated development environment, simple conceptual model, expansive built-in component set, and easy learning curve to facilitate project transfer.

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Collaborative Team Building

Staff augmentation, training, and more

Transitions can be difficult for any team. Switching to a new technology stack and experiencing rapid growth create challenges for any development group. dba helps our partners with staff augmentation, training, and workforce realignment. This is useful during difficult transitions or for delivering on a product milestone.

Startup Solutions

Make your business stand out

dba has worked with hundreds of startups in our careers, and has an extensive network in the startup community. These experiences guide us in the choice between a robust final solution or an MVP. We push our startup partners to embrace lean principles and get customer feedback as quickly as possible on a real product.

Long-Term Support

Product lifecycle management

Long-Term Support on a software project can be very different from a project-based sprint. While support phases often include new feature development or staff augmentation, much of the focus shifts to keeping an application secure and available for the businesses and customers that depend on it.

FinTech Solutions

Building and scaling financial software

dba has extensive experience building and scaling financial software. Our experience includes ACH processing for banks, debit card processing backends, credit solutions, blockchain, and custom ERP systems.




Our Featured Work

Our FeaturedWork

dba’s management team’s previous satisfied clients and projects include:

  • Shipt
  • Insight Card Services
  • The Syndicate
  • Inside.com
  • DailyDrip
  • Isotope11
  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • ATT
  • Baker Hughes
  • NCR
  • Turner Broadcasting
  • Cartoon Network
  • The Home Depot
  • SmoothTerminal
  • AIUA
  • InComm (Vanilla Cards)
  • Church of the Highlands
  • ...and many more

We Use The Latest


We use the technology that best fits the project. We’ve built high-performing production systems in Ruby, Java, PHP, Node, Elixir, Erlang, Python, and .NET, using Elm, Vue, React, React Native, Flutter, and just plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript where appropriate.

Our preferences at present lean towards Elixir, GraphQL, Elm, and Flutter as a baseline for many software projects, but different projects and teams have different requirements, so we’re extraordinarily flexible.

We are comfortable with most hosting arrangements, but we tend to use Heroku for simple things and Kubernetes for almost everything else, whether hosted on Google Cloud, AWS, or on-premises. We have extensive experience hosting physical racked hardware as well, if that’s your thing.